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Welcome to www.Mbwabh.com ("Mbwabh"). By accessing Mbwabh you are agreeing to the following terms, which are designed to make sure that Mbwabh works for everyone. Mbwabh is provided to you by Mbwabh.com Saudi Arabia and Middle East. This policy is effective January 1st, 2010.

Mbwabh Classifieds is developed to serve you for free ... Please use the site responsibly.

- You can advertise for anything and everything on Mbwabh with the exception of advertising or linking that contain:
1 - all that is contrary to international law.
2 - all that is contrary to the local laws of the country where the ads is published.
3 - any sexual ads or pornographic or contain substances classified for adults only.
4 - any ads aimed at linking to other sites and spam

- Browsing this site means you accept the terms of use and the following coditions:
1 - You are using this site at your own risk.
2 - You accept that the Mbwabh administrator has right to remove, move or delete any ads whenever it is seen appropriate.
3 - any link from the Mbwabh to any other site does not mean our ratification and endorse that site or its content , any product , service or other material is provided by .
4 - the right to modify these Terms of Mbwabh and add to it at any time .
5 - Mbwabh does not guarantee anything is related to advertising, services or goods.
6 - Mbwabh are not responsible for any damage to a third party as result of abuse members

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